DIY Hand-stamped Paper Placemat

By Christy - March 26, 2012

My favorite casual dining Italian restaurant uses a risographed paper placemat and cutlery wrapped in tiny brown paper bags. I love  it's down -to-earth, eco-chic look. I wanted to recreate the same style for a cozy cafe feeling when  friends come over for coffee and cupcakes. Instead of using risographed design, I go for the charm of  rustic, hand-stamped  accents.

DIY Hand-stamped Paper Placemat


  • Pattern paper
  • Paper cutter/scallop scissors
  • Rubber stamp
  • Stamp pad
 1. Using a paper cutter, cut out a letter sized 8.5 rectangle from the pattern paper.

2. Add shape to the edges by adding a scallop shaped design. You can use a scallop scissor or paper  puncher.

3. Stamp border using your rubber stamp design of choice.

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